My book collection

A page about my passion for books on fly fishing and “the great outdoors” Bright Rivers Nick Lyons Sometimes, when a friend asks me; “what’s your favourite book about fly fishing ?”, most of the times I have to leave … Read More

River Cains in Autumn

On this page I will share 40 years of photography, with the occasional fishing story which is attached to it. (In progress) River Cains in Autumn

Mohlin Baby Trout
Mohlin of Sweden

Mohlin of Sweden – “Probably the finest handmade reels in the world” While Bo Mohlin creates his hand-made reels in Sweden I assist him with selling a few of his reels on his behalf. It takes Bo over 40 hours … Read More


Welcome to Fishing Wild Places Sharing 40 years of Fly Fishing, Travel, Books and Photography Casting for grayling at the Unica

Erik van den Berg
About me

About me… Erik van den Berg Happy camper along a stream Hi there. My name is Erik van den Berg and I created Fishing Wild Places to share my pasion for Fly Fishing and Photography. I live in Brabant, a Southern province … Read More

Hallo wereld.

Welkom bij WordPress. Dit is je eerste bericht. Bewerk of verwijder het, start dan met schrijven!