Mohlin of Sweden - "Probably the finest handmade reels in the world"

Mohlin rod and reel
While Bo Mohlin created his hand-made reels in Sweden I assisted him with selling a few of his reels on his behalf. It took Bo over 40 hours to finish one reel with the reel case, using only the best materials. The Mohlin reels which are listed on this page are available for direct shipment from The Netherlands. I accept payments through PayPal or Bank Transfer and offer World Wide shipping. You can contact me through:
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September 2023 – Sadly, Bo Mohlin has crossed the river Styx and is now fishing uncharted waters.. He just finished a couple of his handmade reels. which are availble through Fishing Wild Places. (Erik van den Berg) Scroll down for details and photos.

Currently there are no Mohlin reels available, one or two other reels might come up for sale soon.
1 Mini Trout – Left Hand Wind (reserved)
1 Trophy Trout – Right Hand Wind (reserved)

Drop me an e-mail at: and I will get back to you within a couple of days.

Mini Trout, click pawl drag (For #3 – #4 lines with matching backing)(Reserved)

Left Hand Wind – Colour Silver/Black
Reel nr. 16 2022
Outside diameter: 75 mm
Spool width (inside): 20 mm
Weight: 156 grams
Price: € 920.- (Including block leather reel case)

Trophy Trout (For #7 – #8 lines with matching backing) Reserved
Advanced adjustable disc drum brake
Right Hand Wind – Colour: Gold/Black
Reel nr. 7 2023
Outside diameter: 85 mm
Spool width (inside): 28 mm
Weight: 280 grams
Price: € 1200.- (Including block leather reel case)

Mohlin leather rod cases for 4 pcs rods up to 9 ft. (Sorry, all sold for now.)

Beautiful luxury leather rod case(s), handmade in Sweden by Bo Mohlin. It doesn’t get much nicer. With clever “locking strap” so you can’t lose the top cap. Strong pvc pipe inside. A great opportunity to “upgrade” your travel rod for a very attractive price. It actually fits two rods, if you make sure the handles are opposite of eachother.

Length (inside) 75 cm
Diameter (inside) 46 mm

I can’t always promisse the exact brown color grade. It’s all hand made.

Reel and rod
Mohlin Baby Trout and Bamboo rod