Iceland - 1985

In 1985 I visited Iceland for 4 weeks. (Bloody hell, that’s a looong time ago.) Driving a Toyota Hilux from The Netherlands to Hanstholm, in the North of Denmark. From Hanstholm I took the car ferry to Tórshavn the capital of the Faeröer Islands. Two days later the sea voyage went on to Seyðisfjörður in the far North East of Iceland. During 4 weeks I travelled all over Iceland, fishing for trout and salmon

Map of voyage to Iceland
Map of my voyage to Iceland

Taking photographs with my analogue Minolta X500 and Fuji film (ASA 50/100/400)
What a trip! All in all a have been 6 weeks away from home and drove over 4.000 km listening to the radio or to one of the two (!) casette tapes (ELO / Time and Neil Daimond / Hot August Night) I had on board.

After a first week on my own in this empy stunning and wild country I was joined by my friend Bas who took a flight from Amsterdam to Reykjavik. Together we roamed the country catching beautiful trout, char (some of them sea-run) and Atlantic salmon. What always remains printed onto my memory, is the amazing light for photography. (Later on in life I recognised the special light conditions when visiting Orkney)

So, all the photographs you find below, are scans of 35 year old Fuji slides. Some of them had a lot of dust on them. But maybe that’s what makes them a little special. Hope you will enjoy them.